Hannah Elizabeth Graham



Eighteen-year-old Hannah Elizabeth Graham's remains were discovered in a rural part of Albemarle County, Virginia, on October 18th, 2014, five years and one day after the abduction and murder of Morgan Harrington. The entire Help Save The Next Girl community all over the state and the world mourn and decry Hannah's murder.

Hannah was a brilliant University of Virginia student, a skilled athlete, a cherished friend, a beloved sister, and the treasured daughter of her parents, John and Sue Graham.

Help Save The Next Girl supported Hannah's family and friends around the world by immediately coordinating the Help Find Hannah Graham Facebook page, which acquired 45,000 members.

At Virginia Tech, we honored Hannah's aspirations to serve the world with a candle-light vigil on our Drill Field, which was live-streamed. Several other universities joined the University of Virginia in remembering Hannah.








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